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The daily grind often gets in the way of my spontaneity and keeps me from living in the moment. I have to make a conscious effort to fully appreciate what is before me because I often find myself waiting for something: the end of the day, the weekend, a vacation … I sometimes wish I could feel that childlike innocence again, and just be happy in the moment.

If, like me, you wish to remain or become again young at heart, here are 3 small things you can do.

1. Make time for play

Board games with friends, pillow fights, building forts outside after a big snowstorm. You don’t have to be on vacation to find time to play. Snap out of the work-sleep-repeat routine, and be a little spontaneous!

2. Do kid-inspired activities

Visit a zoo, get dizzy on a rollercoaster, go see a kids’ movie at the theater, get a colouring book… These activities will help you reconnect with your inner child. If you don’t have kids yourself, invite a neighbour or your niece to join you! Sharing this moment with a child will help you to slow down, be curious and enjoy the moment.

3. Cook or eat a meal from your childhood

Bake your grandmother’s famous bread pudding, get some bubblegum-flavoured ice cream, or treat yourself to a steamed hotdog, just the kind your parents got you after your soccer games … A #guiltypleasure that can only put a smile on your face! You’re long overdue for a cheat meal anyway 😉

It’s easy: kids get their joie-de-vivre from simple things around them. To stay young at heart, I suggest you try and do the same! Some of our package deals are perfect for switching things up 😉 And if you do end up taking advantage of those, share your #chateaubromont moments with us.


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