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For those who don’t know, the Eastern Townships are home to a variety of hiking trails, each one more stunning than the next. This makes the area a real slice of paradise for nature lovers. Plus, there are trails for every taste and every fitness level, so no need to be an accomplished hiker to enjoy a breathtaking view from one of the hilltops.


Mont Brome

Château-Bromont is located at the foot of the mountain, which offers a wide variety of activities: waterslides, winter sports, hiking, and more. Hotel guests who enjoy long hikes can hop on the C1 belt, which starts right in the parking lot and includes over 15 km of trails, all rated easy.

Those who want to take in the mountain-top view without walking the many kilometres can use the chairlift during the fall.


Mont Gale

In Bromont, the Domaine naturel du mont Gale offers several trails that range from easy to intermediate. There are four official trails that each offer a unique vista and a unique experience. If you’re looking for an easier, family-friendly  hike, the Forêt enchantée will be sure to wow kids and grown-ups alike.

The Tour du Lac is a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a relaxing hike by the water, but note that this one is rated intermediate.


Mont Glen

Mont Glen is one of mont Sutton’s summits. Located at over 300 metres of altitude, it offers a breathtaking view of surrounding mountains including Owl’s Head and Orford. Its trails cover more than 14 km and include several loops with different levels of difficulty.

For thrillseekers, there is the option to enter through chemin Bolton.


After the Hike

After a long hike in nature, nothing beats a relaxing moment in our famous 4 Canards restaurant to enjoy a drink and some great food. Looking to unwind after a physically challenging day? You can hop into one of our hot tubs on the terrace, which are open all year long.






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